BIOGRAPHY - Anna Okazaki

Anna Okazaki

I grew up in a family which you couldn't really have called a family “always full of music,” but I grew up as a “music lover.”
When I was in elementary school, my music teacher said to me: “You can sing the school song in a loud voice.” I mistook these for words of praise, and started to think that I enjoyed a special relationship with singing.
I was deeply in awe of The Carpenters during my middle school years, and was struck dumb by Riverdance, which I first saw while in high school. Bit by bit, I found myself taken by the mysterious power of music.
I started to learn singing seriously at the age of 20, and each day I'd investigate ways of singing that didn't interfere with the resonance of the Japanese language. I wanted to be like a flower blooming on a hillside, which gets close to you, but says nothing. I still sing with this image in mind.

living and dying
different living things
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