BIOGRAPHY - Battle Cry

Battle Cry

Ko (Lead Vocal) & Kon (Lead Guitar) came together to form the Classic Rock band, Battle Cry. Comprised of top musicians from the Japanese & American music scene, Battle Cry is the culmination of their vision.

The meaning behind Battle Cry is a call to arms, summoning the true believers in the sanctity of pure Rock & Roll. Battle Cry's dedication to professional excellence and undying passion for real Rock & Roll delivers a Raw, Unbridled sound. Reminiscent of the Classic 80's Rock sound, Battle Cry believes in a traditional live rock experience that can be enjoyed by music lovers and enthusiasts of all ages. Our hope is that you will feel the Rock & Rock as we do, deep down in your body and soul. Enjoy!!!



The essence and meaning of Battle Cry can truly be expressed and felt through their leader Ko. Almost as if he was born to be in the spotlight, Ko can command an audience with a confidence an flair like no other. His passion and love for music is what has always fueled his desire to perform and entertain.

An already successful entrepreneur and businessman, Ko began his music career as a member of the Male Duo group "Class". Following the success of their 90's hit song "1993 Summer Days", Class released the follow-up "2009 Winter Days" in 2009. Soon after, Ko's co-vocalist and close friend, Tsukui Katsuyuki, lost his long battle with cancer. Ko then formed "Battle Cry" with Jr. High School friend and long time mentor, Kon Tsuyoshi. As lead vocalist, founder and owner of Battle Cry Sound Studios, Ko enjoys sharing his love of Rock & Roll by discovering new talent and providing opportunities for musicians in almost every genre.

Tsuyoshi Kon(Guitar)

Extraordinary & Authentic are two words that can best describe the Lead guitarist of Battle Cry, Kon. His tireless dedication to performing and recording excellence is unparalleled and there is no end to the remarkable talent he possesses.

Kon debuted and first found fame with the popular band "PANTA&HAL". At the same time his reputation grew as a studio session artist. He soon became well known as the premiere guitar player for many top acts in Japan. In 1979 Kon created the band "Parachute" with long time friend and bassist, Masaki Matsubara. In 1980, Kon released his first Solo album entitled "Studio Cat". 29 years later, his eagerly awaited second album, appropriately titled "2nd Album", won The Best Performer award and The Professional Music Recording Award of Japan. Kon's third release came in 2011 and was a collaboration with 3 other popular musicians. His uniquely dynamic and seemingly effortless style of play has become the trademark guitar sound for most of Japan's biggest hit songs and is considered the standard of excellence for many guitarists in the music industry. Kon is a true pioneer of the classic guitar sound in Japan and worldwide and has helped to shape Rock & Roll music into what it is today.

Yoshinobu Kojima(Keyboads)

Yoshinobu Kojima began his career as a support musician for the bands Start King Delicious and Baker's Shop in 1974. In 1994, he moved to New Orleans and started to work with Bernard Purdie, David T. Walker and so many other top artists. Yoshinobu had the privilege of collaborating with such great artists as Jeff Baxter, Gordon Edwards and The Wild Magnolias. He also performed at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. After returning to Japan, Yoshinobu formed the trio band "KOJIKANATSURU" and produced 3 original CDs. In 2008, he produced his first solo album "KOJIMA".

Kojima's passion and love for all genres of music can be felt through his energetic style of play. Always seen with a smile on his face while performing, Kojima exhibits a joy for music that can rarely been seen but is felt by all who enjoy his music. His long and colorful career both internationally and in Japan lends to the soulful sounds Battle Cry produces. Yoshinobu favors the classic Hammond piano, as it compliments his unique and innovative style of play.

Hideki Matsubara(Bass Guitar)

Hideki Matsubara started his career at a young age, debuting with the band "ANKH". During one of the Band's recordings he met Shiro Sagisu, a renowned producer, and began recording in the studio. Since then, he has enjoyed recording and touring with many top musicians.

Hideki Matsubara is a true bassist in every sense of the word. His life experiences and true understanding of music can be heard in his smooth & sultry bass. Hideki has the innate ability to take any melody and add fullness to its meaning and sound, giving it new life and soul.

Kozy Hasegawa(Drums)

From 1983 to 2005, Kozy Hasegawa played an important role as exclusive drummer for the Japanese super band "THE ALFEE". After he finished his career with THE ALFEE, he started his own bands "ExhiVision" and "Cube-ray". During this same period, he expanded his work to support various top musicians in many different genres. As well as his position as Battle Cry's drummer, Kozy also tours with other current top acts like TM Revolution. Known for his super-fast hands and feet while utilizing his double bass drum style of play, Kozy Hasegawa has become one of the most sought after drummers in the Rock & Roll industry. Also known for his tireless work ethic, he proves that there is no challenge too great when your love of music is as large as his. Anyone who has ever heard Hasegawa jam can't deny he was born to be behind a set of drums.

susumu-k(Guitar & Chorus)

susumu-k began his career with the band "Stereo Type". After the band's break up, he continued his career as a music composer and producer for various artists and record companies, as well as creating BGM for TV commercials, DVDs, and live comedy acts.

Currently susumu-k is not only the rhythm guitarist for Battle Cry but is, without a doubt, the sound maker behind the Battle Cry Sound. As Composer, Producer, Songwriter and Rhythm guitarist, susumu-k never fails to create sounds which truly reflect the message Battle Cry wants to convey to the world. His diversity and ability to adapt his writing style to any genre sets him apart from the rest.

Mycal Papillon(Chorus)

After leaving a successful career in electronics during the dotcom boom, Mycal left America to pursue his dreams of singing professionally in 1999 after moving to Japan. He began singing for various music venues and top artists throughout Japan. In 2004 he sang background for Ayumi Hamazaki on various TV shows such as Kohaku, FNS and NHK Live. Soon after Mycal sang background for American R&B artist, Usher, on one of Japan's longest running music shows, Music Fair. After spending several years performing in top piano bars throughout Japan, Mycal joined Battle Cry in 2011.

As the newest member of Battle Cry, Mycal contributes a unique international element to Battle Cry's Classic Rock sound. With roots originating from the 80's Rock & Roll and R&B scene, Mycal's background vocals and songwriting style help to give Battle Cry a diverse sound. A constant student of the music game, he is always trying to expand his knowledge of music through his experiences with singing and writing for Battle Cry.