Tsukui Katsuyuki and Koso Okazaki were a dynamic vocal duo group. In 2008, they embarked on a new journey.

In 1993, class released the hit song “1993”, which had a summer theme that could be enjoyed year round. This legendary debut hit single sold 1.6 million copies nationwide. This was the beginning of a successful music career with 7 hit CD singles & 6 top selling albums.

In 2007, class, along with many other famous musicians, released a 2007 compilation album titled “R35 Sweet J-Ballads”.

Then, in February of 2008, they appeared on the “Tokudane“ tv show at Fuji Television studios and performed their hit single “1993”. That year they also made special appearances on popular TV shows such as SKY Perfect TV, NHK Live, TV Tokyo and were featured in a FLASH magazine article as well as other media outlets.

Spring of 2008, class broke up due to creative differences. Tsukui Katsuyuki decided to continue as a solo artist. He soon after met up with Koso Okazaki. Impressed by his vocal talent and character, he asked Koso to join class. In December of that year the newly formed class duo released a renewed version of the “1993” hit, entitled “2009”, and with that renewed success class was back again. Through modern social music media technology such as Itunes, docomo, melody call, ringback tone and pc downloads class reaffirmed the summer association of the hit song “1993”. That year “1993” became the No1 karaoke song on media sites like Yahoo and Karaoke DAM with 30,000 downloads by Reko-Choku. To celebrate their newly found success, class performed a live show featuring the famous R35 J-Ballads artists from the R35 CD compilation.

Unfortunately, and very tragically, Tsukui Katsuyuki passed away in 2009, but not before releasing a final class album with Koso, entitled “16 Years and a Day”. He will be sorely missed by his fans and good friend Koso Okazaki, but the beauty of his music will live on in the Cherry Blossoms.


ALBUM “16 Years and a Day”

ALBUM “16 Years and a Day”

  1. Natsu-no-hi no 1993
  2. Ready go! Fly away!
  3. Zutto konomama soba ni ite
  4. Dream again
  5. Waraukoto
  6. Taiyoue tsuzuku story
  7. destiny
  8. Kimi ni koishita ano natsu
  9. Fall in love
  10. Song for you
  11. Fuyu-no-hi no 2009
  12. Sakura