Cube-Ray is a technical unit consisting of ISAO on seven- and eight-string guitar, IKUO on bass, and Kozy Hasegawa on drums. After taking part in multiple jam sessions at ROPPONGI PIT INN, an established live venue in Roppongi, Tokyo, the members formed Cube-Ray in 2005, when they released their first album, also titled Cube-Ray.

In December 2006, the band stopped performing, with all three members going their separate ways. They subsequently each earned a name for their individual talents. In 2013, the time was ripe for the band's reunion. With pieces far superior to its former style coming together in a storm of intense unison, the band released its second album, "The Shadow of Eruption," on April 20th, 2013 with Battle Cry Sound. The album is the culmination of the musical experiences each member gained during their seven years apart with their consequent technical give-and-take.




In 2000, ISAO debuted at BMG Funhouse as the leader of his own instrumental band "bright-NOA." He was also intensely active in a solo project called "Spark7." ISAO spent four years living in Los Angeles where he released a debut album, "A Stride," and a second album, "Gravity Core," together with Mike Mangini from Dream Theater and Philip Bynoe (bass) from Steve Vai's band.

ISAO also tours live with Thomas Lang (drums) and Kiyomi Otaka (organ) from CASIOPEA 3RD as a part of the "Spark7" project. He recently formed a trio with Toshimi Nagai (bass) and Kozo Suganuma (drums), which is due to release its debut album in May, 2014.



IKUO had his major debut in 1996 at PIONEER LDC with Ex-iT. After joining Lapis Lazuli, he made his solo debut in 2003 with "LongWay," the theme song for the anime "The Prince of Tennis." He then went on to work as a support musician, and to arrange and produce tracks. He is currently working with BULL ZEICHEN 88, The Choppers Revolution, and others.

He was also support musician for the likes of T.M.Revolution, abingdon boys school, tetsuya, and JAM Project, and took part in many recording sessions with musicians such as Gackt, Acid Black Cherry, and BREAKERZ.

IKUO also jams regularly with the likes of Mabumi Yamaguchi GROUP, and works in genres as varied as JAZZ and ROCK. On February 26th this year, he released his first solo album, "R.E.D ZONE," on King Records .

Kozy Hasegawa

Kozy Hasegawa(Drums)

From 1983 to 2005, Kozy Hasegawa played the drums exclusively with THE ALFEE. He is active in a wide range of fields. He is also an idol and a leading figure in jazz, and has taken part in diverse styles of gigs and recording sessions. In 1997, he released the drumming tutorial video "Kohji Hasegawa On The Drums." He performs with the same full-fledged drumming style in his own bands "Battle Cry," "ExhiVision," and "Cube-Ray."

Kozy Hasegawa has taken part live recordings with bands and musicians such as abingdon boys school, LM.C, Ai Otsuka, KAT-TUN, Kinniku Shōjo Tai, ken (L'Arc〜en〜Ciel), KOREKATA ROCK UNIT, THE ALFEE, SMAP, SEX MACHINEGUNS, Anna Tsuchiya, T.M.Revolution, Nana Mizuki, Mabumi Yamaguchi GROUP.