BIOGRAPHY - David Ralston with Kojima

David Ralston with Kojima

It all started in 1999. Kojima went to Okinawa with Paul Jackson, Jim Copley, and Char when David came backstage to meet them. Soon afterwards David asked for some recording help. He invited drummer Hideo Yamaki to Okinawa to record what would become David’s second album. They laid down the rhythm tracks in two days and finished things up pretty quickly. Afterwards, their friendship and musical partnership grew stronger as Hideo continued to play in some of David’s live shows from time to time.

Fast-forward to 2014. After six months of planning, one year of songwriting, and a lot of time doing arrangement and fine tuning, Kojima's latest release has a fresh new sound. It brings out a side of David Ralston that has never been heard before. The Battle Cry Sound studio's policy of "Don't stop 'til you get it right!" really pay off in this release, allowing him to get all the songs down perfectly. The tracks are rich in variety while still being substantive in their content.


Yoshinobu Kojima

Yoshinobu Kojima(Keyboards)

In 1974, Yoshinobu Kojima started off his musical career as a supporting musician for acts such as Starking Delicious, Shinji Shiotsugu, Haruko Kuwana with Baler’s Shop, and Masahiro Kuwana.

His works are full of originality, with just the right mix of energy and quietness. The elegant tone of his songs are also praised highly by fellow musicians of the day.

In the 1980s Kojima stay busy doing studio work, arrangement, and production for many musicians, including artists from the U.S. like Jeff Baxter, Gordon Edwards. Nason Watts, Carlos Vega, Water Sisters, ICARUS JOHNSON, John and KEEN. At the end of 1994, he established a base for himself in New Orleans before going on tour in the U.S. and Europe. He also continued doing recording sessions with artists such as REWARD, TARA Alexandar, Wild Magnolia and many others.

The four years he spent playing and recording music in New Orleans certainly influenced Kojima’s fundamental style and sound. After returning to Japan, he continued to do recording, arrangement, and sound production for groups like Char, Paul Jackson, B.B.B. , TrickBack, his own trio "KOJIKANATSURU", and the rock band Battle Cry. He also did recording and live performances with many artists such as Syuichi "Ponta" Murakami and late great artists Takehiro Honda, Masahiro Kuwana and Ryudo Uzaki.

After returning to Japan, Yoshinobu formed the trio band "KOJIKANATSURU" and produced 3 original CDs.

In 2008, Kojima released his first solo album, Kojima. To this day he continues to do sessions with many musicians, including Kousuke Mine, Takanaka, shiho, KOJIKANAKAYAMA (Hideaki Kanazawa, Hideo Yamaki) and enjoys performing live shows with his piano trio as well.

Kojima's live recording collaborations include:
Yousui Inoue, Tetsuro Oda, KUWATA BAND, Masahiro Kuwana, Husanosuke Kondo, THE BLUE HEARTS, SMAP, Char, Syogo hamada, Masaharu Fukuyama, Nobuteru Maeda (Tube), Koshi Inaba, Atsushi, and many, many countless others.

David Ralston

David Ralston(Vocal, Guitar)

"The world is going to hear a lot from David Ralston." – Delaney Bramlett

David Ralston has steadily, chapter by chapter, album by album, created much more than just great music. He has evolved and created an entirely new type of ''established international musician.'' The world of music is not just changing - it has changed. Many of the great artists from that previous established music world are collaborating with Ralston as they shift toward the new international music world that he is championing. For Ralston it's easy, because he is his own product - the songs flow out of him, as do the gritty guitar licks and the inspired vocal growl inflections. Delaney Bramlett came out of retirement for the first and only time since his heyday with Clapton to produce and mentor Ralston and introduce him to that distinctive open, soul-purging passion. But it is David Ralston, and no one else, who emerges in this music.

Living in Japan, Ralston and his international family of artists and fans are creating their own brand of music. You should expect them at your door soon. "I Don’t Care" is the follow up to his successful "A Woman That Loves Me" release that hit both the Americana (#252) and Jam Band (#28) Radio Charts in 2011. The world tour is underway. Prepare your imagination for the "Conjugal Carnival Tour".

"I Don't Care is a consistent masterpiece from the very first track, it just jumps at you and takes hold; you'll listen to each track through and through...David Ralston is a work in and of himself, and those who know him well, wouldn't have expected anything less."-Rock Hard Magazine Japan

" I Don’t Care is a classic blues patchwork quilt stitched with the harsh reality of life that vividly spotlights a journey through the tribulations of love, betrayal, loss, and deliverance." -Stars & Stripes


David Ralston with Kojima

David Ralston with Kojima


New Album arranged & produced by Yoshinobu Kojima.

limited 500 copies!! (only available in Japan.)

From a modern rock, funky sound, to a blues infused ballad!! They created a magnificent groovy sound indicative of their friendship.
The world of Kojima exists in the studio and consists of an array of keyboard creativity and imagination. We want you to thoroughly enjoy Kojima's world with the best CD sound quality!