BIOGRAPHY - Gianluca Ferro & Isao Fujita “JEHU”

Gianluca Ferro & Isao Fujita


Gianluca Ferro

Gianluca Ferro(8-string Guitar)

Gianluca Ferro, an 8-string guitarist from Italy, is one of the most exciting musicians to hit today’s international music stage. With his unique writing style and dynamic guitar ability, he has set himself apart from the masses and entered a class of his own.
During his face paced high powered career, Gianluca has had the fortune of being able to grace the stage with such well known musicians as Brett Garsed, Kiko Loureiro, Bumblefoot, Isao Fujita and many others.
In 2007, he recorded for Liquid Note on the Alchemist II compilation. That same year, Gianluca released his homonymous debut album, Heart of the Sun.
2008 turned out to be a very exciting and busy year for Gianluca. Along with such great artists as Paul Gilbert & Alex Stornello, Gianluca performed at “Guitar Day 2008”. He also opened that year for Andy Timmons in Milan, before conducting a master class guitar activity clinic. He then went on to appear in Peralta, Spain, alongside Patrick Rondat. The following year Gianluca found himself again performing with his friends and fellow guitarists Andy Timmons, Kiko Loureiro and Reb Beach.
Gianluca draws the attention of well-known producer, Marc Varney, after participating in the OSV Project 3, an instrumental guitar album, with many world reknown guitarists in 2010. Soon after that, he released his second album, Unheimlich, via SG Records.
Gianluca has spent his career touring in places like Europe, Asia and America, sharing his gift with his fans. In 2015 he began his Japan tour with his good friend, Isao Fujita, and working on their upcoming release as well as a collaboration project with Isao and American vocalist, Josiah Baker. He will also be releasing “Breath of Nibiru” with Unearth drummer, Nick Pierce.

Isao Fujita

Isao Fujita(8-String Guitar)

In 2000, ISAO formed his own instrumental band, bright-NOAH, debuting at BGM Japan. Meanwhile, he also worked energetically on his solo project "Spark7" releasing their 1st album “A Stride” and 2nd album “Gravity Core” with Mike Mangini (Drums) from Dream Theater, Philip Bynoe (Bass) famous for playing with Steve Vai, whom ISAO met during his 4-year long residence in Los Angels.

During his solo project with Spark7, ISAO performed live shows with his good friend Thomas Lang (Drums) and Kiyomi Otaka (Organ) from Cassiopeia 3rd. Most recently, ISAO has formed a new trio band "Trimurti" with Toshimi Nagai (Bass) and Kozo Suganuma (Drums). Their debut album, self titled “Trimurti”, was released in September 2014. The Spark7 new record was also released in 2015.