BIOGRAPHY - Thomas Lang

Thomas Lang

Thomas Lang was born in Austria on August 5, 1967. He has been drumming every since he was 5 years old. Lang was schooled at the Vienna Conservatory of Music, where he learnt many different styles of drumming.

He is known for many achievements like playing in over 250 albums, creating a number of successful instructional videos, and creating a line of drum hardware, practice pads and cymbals. Thomas Lang is great with both traditional and standard grip, maximizing speed and control.

He is also a master feet control drummer. His view on life is to “Play the Unplayed”, constantly striving to play rhythms and tempos that have never been played before.


Spark 7

Spark 7

New Album「Spark7」

  1. Tri-Stars
  2. Cricket Chorus
  3. Gain the Day
  4. Cold Feet
  5. Pudding Busters
  6. Acorn Spin
  7. Zombies in a Dream
  8. The Dancing Witch